Level up your language learning

Lingoberry is at the forefront of revolutionizing Swedish language learning with a specialized approach. Leveraging the capabilities of AI-driven dialogues, the platform enriches students' vocabulary and strengthens their verbal communication skills. The program is carefully customized to suit each individual's unique learning journey.


Quality features

Exciting features of our product

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Language Proficiency Levels

8 levels aligned with A1, A2, B1, B2 European framework
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Interactive Learning Approach

20% lessons, 80% AI-generated practice sessions
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Effective Vocabulary Building

3-5 new words per lesson, emphasizing relevance and reinforcement
Join our growing community to help us improve our product!

User testing

Join our growing community to help us improve our product!

We're searching for individuals interested in learning Swedish to help us test our product. If this resonates with you, please sign up below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

The founders

Meet the team

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Yonk Shi

PhD Student in Machine Learning at KTH
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Carmen Lungu

Swedish Instructor at KTH and Folkuniversitetet
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Nora Terbocs

Project Manager and Frontend Developer in the Fintech sector